Community Policing 2007 – 2010. What are the challenges ahead? - Policimi në Komunitet 2007 – 2010. Cilat janë sfidat e së ardhmes? - Полиция в близост до обществото 2007 – 2010 г. Какви са предстоящите предизвикателства? - Policija u zajednici 2007 – 201


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

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Erscheiningsjahr: 2007

ISBN: 978-3-927983-55-7

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Community Policing 2007 – 2010.

What are the challenges ahead?









Workshop A: Transforming the police through Community Policing


Dr. Peter Schorer

Transforming the police through Community Policing


Hans Fritzheimer

Organisational and Managerial set-ups related to Community Policing


Zoran Petrovic

Premises and environment for a successful Community policing


Cornel Ciocoiu

The Implementation of the Community Policing Concept in Romania


Results Workshop A






Workshop B: Community Policing in a changing society


Dr. Markus Mohler

Community Policing in a Changing Society


Frédéric Labrunye

The French gendarmerie policing the suburban areas. The example of the city of Rillieux-la-Pape


Stephan Frees

Community Policing in urban, sub-urban and rural areas; How to cooperate with local authorities and public security - actors


Chris Kirby

Community Policing plus E policing in the UK


Results Workshop B






Workshop C: Community Policing as a permanent learning process


Blaise Bonvin

Community Policing Evaluation


Christian Mouhanna

How to deal with failures: The need for change


Dr. Jochen Christe-Zeyse

Police Culture: Obstacle or Booster for Community Policing Implementation?


Results Workshop C





Papers presented at the 2nd Regional Community Policing Forum from 04 – 06 June 2007 in Valbandon, Croatia

Punimet e paraqitura në Forumin e II Rajonal të Policimit në Komunitet nga 04 – 06 Qershor 2007 në Valbandon, Kroaci

Доклади, представени на II регионален форум по полиция в близост до обществото 04 – 06 юни, 2007 г., Валбандон, Хърватска

Predavanja izložena na 2. regionalnom forumu Policija u zajednici od 04.-06. lipnja 2007. u Valbandonu, Hrvatska

Lucrări prezentate în cadrul celui de-al 2-lea Forum Regional al Poliţiei de Proximitate 04 – 06 iunie 2007, Valbandon, Croaţia




Blaise Bonvin, Jochen Christe-Zeyse, Cornel Ciocoiu, Stephan Frees, Hans Fritzheimer, Chris Kirby, Frédéric Labrunye, Markus Mohler, Christian Mouhanna, Zoran Petrovic, Peter Schorer



Translated by

Adelina Albrahimi (AL), Yonka Dimova (BG), Andrey Manov (BG), Alexandra Mladin (RO), Ivana Zeljkovic (HR)




This book represents the results from 2nd Regional Forum „Community Policing“ of the South-Eastern European countries, that took place in Valbandon near Pula from June 4 until June 6, 2007, under the auspices of the South-Eastern Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) and with the financial support of the Republic of Croatia as the host country, the European Commission (EC), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and SEPCA member countries. I was pleased and honoured that we were hosts and co-organizers of this conference, and I am also pleased that the results are now available in this book.

The project, program and strategy of community policing activity, regardless of the name which it bears, represents one new and much better philosophy of police activity which is directed at the improvement of communication and cooperation between the citizens and the police, increasing the trust of citizens in police, decreasing the number and kind of repressive activities of crime, providing assistance and protection to victims of criminal acts, protection of especially vulnerable groups of citizens, i.e. to be brief, orientation to solving the problems of citizens at the local level and police activity in accordance with the real requests of citizens, and related to that, common activities in eliminating the so-called generator of crime.

Apart from the stated, the concept of community policing, as one of the actual forms of reform of police forces in South-Eastern Europe countries is aimed at bringing closer together police services and citizens of our countries, at improving communication and cooperation between the police and citizens and at increasing the degree of trust of citizens in police as the state institution, which are important elements of the whole process of internal democratisation, and the political and social stabilisation of countries in the region. Namely, those processes started in all countries of the region for the final purpose of achievement of a higher safety degree, to mutual benefit and pleasure of the police as well as citizens, which, generally speaking at the end leads to a higher safety degree in this part of Europe.

The book that you have in front of you is the result of joint work of all participants of the Forum, as well as experts for community policing from SEPCA member states, and also experts from Western European countries. Given that the progress in introducing community policing activity model in all countries in the region is apparent, I believe that exchanged experience and knowledge gained in this Forum will be useful in further process of implementation of the model or concept of community policing activity in this part of Europe, and that it will serve as the foundation for preparation and holding of the following 3rd Regional Forum “Community Policing” of South-Eastern European countries in 2008.

General Direction of the Croatian Police

Marijan Benko