Police Training in Europe / Policijska obuka u Evropi

Autor: Taib Spahic

Seiten: 310

Erscheiningsjahr: 2005

ISBN: 3-927983-54-3

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Training is a key element of police performance, quality and respect for human rights. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, reform of the police training has been recognised as an urgent need in the process of democratisation. This book, however, does not focus directly on this reform. It focuses on what happens abroad, in other European countries, in order to emphasise what could and should be done in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Doing so, it emphasises the great diversity of police training, influenced by history and politico-administrative structures of each country. It strives to develop a methodology of police training that, while respecting local specificities, could be useful to all countries in transition. The author adds a unique touch to this book. The perspective is reversed: instead of having Western European experts analysing the training in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have a local practitioner analysing European academies.

Taib (Mustafa) Spahic, Director of the Police Academy in Sarajevo, was born in 1953 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spent 15 years working as a High School Teacher and Director until 1996, when he was appointed as the Zenica Police Station Chief (150 000 inhabitants). In 1998, he was appointed to the Federation Ministry of Interior Police Academy Director's position, when this Academy was re-established in accordance with the democratic principles in police training. He completed several advanced specialized courses on modern strategies in police work, at some prestigious police institutions in USA and Europe. He successfully participated to numerous international reform projects as well as the projects of establishment of a modern police training system and multi-ethnic police in Bosnia and Herzegovina.