Community Policing, Comparative Aspects of Community Oriented Police Work


Autor: Dieter Dölling, Thomas Feltes (Hrsg.)


Erscheiningsjahr: 1992

ISBN: 3-927983-05-5


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Foreword: Police Research in Germany

Thomas Feltes 3

Community Policing - Some Remarks

Dieter Dölling 9

Crime Prevention and the Role of the Police - An Analytical Framework-

Hans-Jürgen Kerner 13

Community Policing: A Model for Local Governments

Heike Gramckow and Joan Jacoby 27

Community Policing as Communications Policing

Richard V. Ericson, Kevin D. Haggerty, Kevin D. Carriere 41

Community Policing in the United States: Historical Roots, Present Practices and Future Requirements

Jack R. Greene 71

Introducing Community Policing in the Los Angeles Police Department

Malcolm W. Klein 93

Measuring Police Performance: Evaluation of the Dutch police

Maurits Kruissink 99

Police in Germany - Planning and Strategy

Edwin Kube 109

Community Policing in Germany

Joachim Jäger 119

Community Policing in Britain

Trevor Bennett 127

Community Policing in Ireland - Political and Historical Aspects

Sean Aylward 145

Community Policing in Ireland - Policing Neighbourhoods

Martin N. Tansey 153

The development of Community Policing initiatives in Ireland

Thomas J. O'Reilly 155

Community Policing in Belgium

Christian Eliaerts, Els Enhus, Tom van den Broeck 159

Community Policing in Austria

Manfred Proske 175

Civic Militia and Police in the Republic of Poland

Andrzej Gaberle 191

Community Policing in Hungary - Perspectives and Realities

István Szikinger 199